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Out of: Seattle, WA
Playing: with sound since 2013

Genre: Glam_Pop _Retro_Psych_
Unassertively Strange 
Label: Swoon Records
this band involves
Jake McCaffray - Lead Vocals and Guitars
Quillian Fennessey - Vocals and Keys
James Dyer - Drums and Vocals

Gabriel Stranahan - Bass and Vocals
Schwa Chetust - Guitar and Vocals
"Every single time I have seen these humans perform, I am taken over by a feeling that screams, “WTF JUST HAPPENED&I LOVE IT”" . -Alaina Love
‘’Olympia’s Fruit Juice remind me so much of of Montreal with their own twist on vocal experimentation and instrumentation.  They always have something fun happening in their songs – if it’s not hand claps, it’s a great beat with fun lyrics… [about Haunted] It’s a really great song, that’s part of a great release!’’  -DJ Sharlese from KEXP
‘’My needs were met when Fruit Juice, a band of self-proclaimed “eccentric-pop” rockers from Olympia, took the stage. Not only do their songs feel like a cool, tasty glass of fruit juice, but the band must spend more money on glitter than any group I’ve seen in a decade. ” – NadaMucho
“This psychedelic pop band reminiscent of early-early Pink Floyd would aid any acid or mushroom trip. They’re a combination of joy, mirage and youth.” – D-List Magazine
Humans and Such for Further Detail
Swoon Records, Jeff Southard
Jake McCaffray